Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Well...unfortunately I had to eat ham for my thanksgiving dinner ha! These dang foreigners don't know that turkey is a much better meat! And plus they have no Idea what thanksgiving even is! It's a holiday only celebrated in U.S.A and Canada I guess! But luckily the mission gave all the zone leaders on each Island some money and we made ourselves a thanksgiving dinner! It was actually really good and we had a enough pie to feed an army! It was great! I enjoyed some pumpkin pie that turned out really well! So the whole mission on Monday had thanksgiving dinner! It's really weird to think that it is thanksgiving already! Soon to be Christmas! Just blows me away! I try not to think about time and all the things that are going on back home but sometimes I like to just to remember good times that I have had! It's fun when some memories come up and they just bring a smile to my face! For thanksgiving day we played football and that was pretty cool for us!

The past week has definitely had it's ups and downs but for the most part it was great! Like I have said before, it's hard to get people here to commit to things and Elder Pratt and I have been working hard to try and get the members to work with us! I think it's just hard for people here because they just don't have a lot! I can totally respect that and I understand peoples needs. We have still been trying to do what we can with the members! We do have a baptism this week that we are very excited about! They have one baptismal font here on this Island and that font is in my area so I won't be seeing any baptisms in the ocean or in some cool waterfall place unless I move to the other side of the Island! That is kind of a bummer haha But I know that's not what matters, it's that someone is making a change in their like and coming unto Christ and that is what we want! We hope to be seeing another baptism here in December but we aren't sure what to expect with this investigator so we will see what happens!

I have really learned a lot so far. Especially about faith and Christ's atonement. If we don't have faith in Christ how are we going to repent. There is a scripture I have come to love (Ether 12:27 and Moroni 8:26) I've really realized that faith is such an important thing in our lives and we always need to keep building our Faith upon the rock of Christ! Church is one way that helps us recharge our faith and I have really come to love coming to church! There are so many blessings that I can see from it now.

Well that has pretty much been the past week here in Guadeloupe! Still hot haha! But I'm beginning to realize that will never change ;) I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and enjoy the turkey for me! Remember the things your thankful for and always give thanks for them to our Father in heaven! I love you all!! :) Love Elder Peterson!

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