Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well the past week has been really busy and all over the place. Sorry this letter is coming a day short. This place is weird! They have holidays like ever monday so all of the places that have internet are always closed! It is kind of a pain but it is something that we have to deal with! Oh well ha!

Zone conference was really great and it was super fun to see all the Elders that I came here with again! It was really great to see Elder Woodruff and see how he was doing!! He stayed at our apartment with us and we were able to catch up on things! It was fun! Everyone always tells me that where he is at is the so called promised land ha! I think that is just because a lot of Americans go on vacation there and they also have american food and stuff! But that is okay because we have bokits here and they are awesome! So is Orangina! Anyways, back to zone conference stuff! It went really well. They just gave us some good advice on how to make recent converts feel like they are needed. And of course they are always needed. But here it is sometimes a challenge to keep people coming to church. So we received some good advice on that. President Mehr blew our minds with some deep doctrine. That was pretty funny I thought. He gave us like 30 minutes and just said ask whatever you want. I could sit and listen to that stuff all day long. It just blows my mind.

The week was really busy. We have been trying to get our apartment ready so that we can move out and into another apartment. That has been a pain but we have been blessed with some mighty miracles still. We have set some really strong baptismal dates and we hope that all will go well with that. We know that if we stay exact obetient that the lord will bless us. That is what Elder Pratt and I have been striving for and we know that it will work out. We have been struggling with our study sessions cause we have just been so busy and President has really been stressing our studys. He told us that we have to do them every day and I totally agree with him. We can not be out teaching doctrine we do not know very well. So that is one thing we have been working on. All is going well though and we have faith that things will always get better!!

I enjoyed everyones emails and it is nice to hear that all is going well back home and that everyone is enjoying the cold :) I would be loving it!! It isnt that great when your clothes are constantly soaked ;) Have a great week everyone and I love you all so much!! Love Elder Peterson!!

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