Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Family!

  Well I am not really sure how it is monday again. Time seems to only get faster and faster. I am always sweating so much! I will just be sitting there realaxing and I will be dripping haha! I really miss the cold now! So all of you better enjoy it for me! It will a blessing to come back to one day! ha
  The week was pretty great! A few days were kind of a struggle for me knowing what is going on back home. I really tried hard to hold back thoughts and things like that but sometimes it is just hard and there is not much you can do about it. I fasted that all would be well and that you all would be watched over!! The day I fasted was so peaceful and I was really comforted all day. I even saw blessings here in the mission! You have all been in my prayers and I hope that everything is going great now! I continue to pray for you all!! Elder Pratt likes to set our weekly goals really high so that we can push ourselves to work hard! I think it is something that really works and helps get things done! Somehow if we are ever behind, on sundays we catch back up and that is such a blessing!! Yesterday was a great day! I did a split with another elder that has been here for a little over 6 weeks so we were both really new and it was me getting us around in our area! this place is like a maze but somehow we made it to all of the places that we needed to go!! It was a challenge because the other elder and I don't know much French and I was leading all of the lessons. It went really well and I was suprised at how much French actually came to me when I did speak! The gift of tongues is so real and such a blessing! I would be in a lost world right now having no idea what to say! We have a member that we have been seeing for awhile now that brought 4 of her friends to church! That may not sound like a lot but for here in this mission, a member bringing even one person to church is sometimes rare! She is such a champ and we think they are going to be good ivestigators! It was a pretty good week! That is really all though!
  Well I hope all is going better back home! Hope everyone has a good halloween :) I will miss it! like I said, enjoy the cool weather! I will talk to you next week and you will be in my prayers!! I love you all!!! thanks for the pictures by the way! :) Love Elder Peterson!!

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