Monday, October 21, 2013

It's been a fast two months.

  Its weird too think that it has been two months already! as i look forward it seems like it is going to be a very long time but when I look back it already seems to be going pretty dang fast! hopefully i can type a good letter today! the dang keyboard is all sorts of messed up and all of the keys are in different places! dang french people. hope all is going all is going well back home! tell grandpa that he is a champ and I loved his advice! give em hell! he always cracks me up! let him know how much i love him!! my prayers are with you all!
  Sometimes it is definitely hard to understand what the lord has in store for us. ive realized that very quickly out here. When I got here I thought to myself, what am i doing here? but as ive realized that our father in heaven has better plans for us ive leared to cope with it! the past week was definitely a lot better than the first week. We stayed pretty busy! we did fall short of a couple of our goals which kind of sucked but good news is that somehow we managed to get 14 investigators to church!! that was awesome and definitely a blessing that we were thankful for!! we have some promising investigators but the people here are super lazy and don't commit to do anything. even if they start to believe it. its annoying but we are trying to work hard! we are also trying to get the members to work with us also but they are pretty lazy as well! i see how important it is for members to work with the missionaries! its so much more successful! i love reading the scriptures and i always try to find time for that because there is always something to learn!!
  the apartment we have right now is pretty nice. the bedroom is air conditioned so that is a blessing haha. we are moving to a different on the 5th of november and im not sure how that one is going to turn out! we will see! my companion is great and we get along well. he loves to work hard so that is great. the apartment we are moving too is in gosier up in the grand fonds kind of! im so thankful for all of your letter and all the pictures that everyone sends me :) im sorry im not able to write everyone back but when i start to get in the hang of things ill be able to find the time! i hope that everyone has a great week! i think about you all a lot and im going to buy stuff this week so that i can send letters home! my prayers are with all of you and always remember that our heavenly father loves us and wants the best for us! no matter how hard things get, he will always be there! i love you all more than anything!! :) love elder peterson

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