Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A week in the hot sun!!

  Well I've basically been here for week now and it is dang hot! I'm always sweating and my arms have never sweat so much. I didn't even think it was possible but hey whatever haha. It's been good so far. All of the flights were pretty good. We flew into trinidad and stayed there two nights so that we could meet with President and we had some workshops and what not. It was pretty nice. I enjoyed it and thought that it went pretty well. Then the next morning we woke up and waited till twelve for the Assistants to come get us and take us to the airport so that we could fly out. So we hoped on a plane and we flew from trinidad to barbados and then from barbados to Guadeloupe. And the funny thing is, the plane stops at every island the whole way there! It's super crazy. Constantly landing and taking off! It was fun though. But anyways, then we made it to guadeloupe and our trainers and some other elders were there to pick us up, along with the senior couple. My trainers name is elder Pratt and he is from oklahoma. He is great. I've been trying to learn as much as I can from him. The past week has been a little crazy because we are kind of just trying to get everything together and what not. It will start to fall into place though. There are like 5 or so cars here on the Island for the Elders and one of them is assigned to Elder Pratt and I. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. haha Our area is the second biggest in all of Guadeloupe and it is just us two that are in the whole area. There is a total of 16 missionaries here right now. so there is quiet a bit. Our area is the city of point-A-pitre to St Francoise, and all of the city's in between! We have all the big city's and all of the places where French people come to vacation.
  Teaching is pretty hard for me. I don't understand much at all. I just say something when I think that the time is right or when I hear like a key word or something. It's very challenging to understand people but I'm trying my best. Point-A-Pitre is pretty crazy. Most the people that live here live in that city. There are a bunch of apartments and it's weird being like the only two white people walking around. It's weird. All of the cars have turbo diesel motors in them haha. Yes we have like a brand new Chevy cruze with a turbo diesel in it! I was so amazed haha but it is pretty sweet. The roads are tiny and people drive like crazy but somehow nothing bad ever happens! We have ate at a bakery twice now...and it is amazing. Wow haha it's authentic stuff. I can't eat there to often though or I'll get super fat.
  There is a lot to say but I don't have much time and I want to say the important stuff. Umm the bennions told me that they gave you my address? if so that's where you should mail to if you send anything. Also my P-day's are on mondays but yesterday we were helping some of the other elders move into their apartment so we didn't have time but that's when you can expect to recieve an email. I enjoyed all the pictures. It looks like it is going to be a great halloween! :) I'm excited for you all. I definitely already miss the cold air and am very excited for the day I get to feel that again. The first few days were pretty hard for me but I have Faith that all will go great that they will get better! Umm also the mission president has said that we can't email back and forth when we email. Sorry about that. I'll try and send good emails so it will make up for that. Letters take like a week someone told me so I might go find some stuff to write letters. There is like no american stuff here and it's super weird to me! Everything comes from like Europe and Eye solution cost so much money. Oh yeah, church was pretty good. They had me get up in sacrament meeting and bare my testimony. That was difficult haha. The church building is pretty small and it is the only actual building on Guadeloupe!
  But I hope that everyone has a great week and I will hear from you on monday! :) I love you all more than anything!! I pray for you every day and hope all is going well! Enjoy the cold! It's worth it haha! I love you!!
  Love Elder Peterson

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