Monday, January 26, 2015

Time To Do Some Work

That was a challenging week for us. We had a lot of really great lessons set up throughout our week and a good portion of them fell through. We had a lot of member lessons planned as well but we didn't have a lot of success in that area. I believe that the challenges that we faced last week have really inspired us to do a lot greater things this upcoming week. The past couple days I have just been reflected on the past couple months and where my desires have been. They haven't entirely been focused towards baptism. So I have been meditating for awhile now on what I need to change so that we can start baptizing and leading our zone by our examples. I think I'm going through about the same stage as the one Alma went through when he went to Ammonihah (Alma 8:9-16). I know that there is success awaiting us here and we are going to go out and work all the day long, working and wasting out our lives in the service of the Lord!

So we are going through a phase of finding those who are going to become progressing investigators and those who will progress towards baptism. We had some great lessons this past week. A couple of them with one of our Investigators whose name is Martine! Martine is a pretty sweet lady, at the start of almost all of our lessons that we have with her, she comes at us with a question or a concern that she would like to argue but not long into the lesson, her heart becomes softened and she listens closely as the spirit touches her heart! She has some basic concerns but right now we are working on helping her gain a testimony of these things! We have invited her to be baptized but have not been able to set a baptismal date.

Another one of our investigators is a lady from Ukraine and speaks French as a second language, her first language is Russian. She is pretty hard to understand but the Lord has been blessing us and we have been able to have some great lessons with her! She told us that she loves the Book of Mormon and that she really feels great when she reads it so now we are focusing on helping her realize that that is the spirit testifying to her that it is true! We have many potential investigators as of right now but we have a lot of hard work to do to help them become worthy candidates of baptism!

A quick funny story, Elder Lewis and I were walking (we are in a walking area) along the other day and off to our right was this 8ft tall cement wall we tall tall grass growing over the top of it. We didn't think to much of it until this guy on a scooter pulls up to the curb, parks his scooter, says hello to us and then jumps up over the wall without saying a word. It was so funny, we had no idea what was going on. We also played basketball with a guy on the boardwalk and ending up teaching a lesson with him! That was pretty sweet!

I love you all so so much! Have a fantastic week and love Elder Peterson!

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