Monday, January 12, 2015

Goodbye Guadeloupe!

Well, the news is in, I'm going to Martinique to be with Elder Lewis in Fort de France! It is super crazy to think that I'm leaving Guadeloupe now after having spent almost 16 months here! I have absolutely loved being here and I was so blessed to have been able to be in all three branchs here! But my time has come and now I'm off to different places! I'm super excited to be on martinique and also to be with Elder Lewis! He is already a great friend so that will be great! For news, that is about it! Supposedly we have a new mission president called but I can't remember his name so yeah that is that!

We have had a bunch of sweet things happen recently that have been miracles in the process. So two weeks ago Monday night, it was like 8:30 and our plans had fallen through so we decided that bokits was our best option and we were hoping that we would be able to talk to someone there. Well we got our bokits and nothing had really happened but not 2 seconds after we got into our car to leave, another car pulled up infront of us with smoke coming out of the hood. So we got out and went and helped the lady look at her car and engine coolant was all over the place. We called a mechanic that is a member and he talked to her for a minute and told her not to drive it and that he would come take a look at it sometime during the week. Once we had gotten that taken care of we gave her a book of mormon and invited her to read it. We ended up not be able to her until Friday of this past week and we took the member who is a mechanic with us. After he looked at her car we were able to talk a little bit about the gospel and about the Book of Mormon. She explained that she is kind of unhappy with God right now and she explained to us that some of her close family members have passed away and now it is just her, her daughter, and her mom. She told us that it has been a real struggle for her mom especially. Elder Johnston and I both new that we were supposed to meet this lady. We taught the mom on Sunday and we had a wonderful lesson with her. She asked a ton of great questions! I'm sad to be leaving but I'm sure Elder Johnston and his new companion with see continous miracles with this family! Another small story, we had been lacking on our contacting recently so we decided to go out to a place that we had never been to. We met a miracle contact who right there fell in love with the Book of Mormon! It was a sweet week and we were able to do a lot better with goals than we have previously been doing! The Lord is truly blessing us!

We were driving along last Tuesday when we noticed that a guy was out cleaning up the debris of a restaurant that just burnt down not to long ago. So we turned around went and changed and helped him clean up the mess. He was so happy and thankful for that! (hence the picture of the room). We also gave him a book of mormon as well so we will wee what happens! :)

Mission buisness is picking up! We are really trying to work hard with our goal setting as a mission and with our local leaders! We are trying to mend the two so we have more unity!

That is about all! I love you all so much! Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts! Have a fantastic week! :) Love Elder Peterson

Lucienne and linda cutting my hair
a restaurant that burnt down that we cleaned
 A missionary getting stitches
Lucienned and family

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