Monday, January 19, 2015

Big City

Wow, Fort de France is massive! That was probably one of the first things that I noticed! A lot bigger city than anything on Guadeloupe and it blows my mind! Anyways, it has been a great start to a new transfer and we have been working hard so far! I sure do love Elder Lewis and I'm excited to be with him! I will tell you what, Fort de France is like a maze of roads and it is going to be pretty interesting for me to get used to this place but with the Lord's help, it will come. Supposedly the good portion of the members live in our area and I'm looking forward to working with them! The Branch seems really self-sufficient here so that is really great!

We have had some really interesting lessons to start off the transfer. Two of them being almost completely the same. So, we had two investigators who we had given the Book of Mormon and their big problem you could say, was that they had the Bible and that they didn't need more! One of these investigators has been struggling to stop smoking for a good while and he asked the missionaries for some help! We gave him the Book of Mormon and invited him to read. One morning we went over to see him and he told us that he read the book and that after words he didn't have any desire to smoke. Then he told us that he was giving us back the book, because he only wanted the bible. What? It amazes me that people can receive a testimony of something and they can look right past it. We also had an experience about the same with another man. His spiritual witness wasn't as strong but he knew the Book of Mormon was true, yet he told us that he didn't want to see us anymore. It has been pretty sad for us to see this happen but we know the seeds have been planted and we have learned from these situations! I have truly seen God's love for his children when they choose not to heed his counsel.

As we have been making our standards higher for finding new investigators and how we find contacts, we have been finding sweet people that give us appointments and that actually keep their commitments. Desire changes everything! It has been pretty great! But anyways, off to another week and we are going to see miracles!

We had a member tell us a proverb in creole the other night and it was super funny because we didn't understand anything that he was telling us but in the meantime he was wrapping a blanket around his head and putting the Book of Mormon on his head talking about how that would get heavy to carry after a long time! It was so so funny and I wish I had my camera!

I send my love and prayers! I hope everyone is doing fantastic and I think about you all lots! May the Lord bless you! With much love, Elder Peterson!

View From Balcony

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