Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Set apart as a Full Time Missionary

Dustin was set apart this evening as a full time missionary.

Those that were there were Mom and Dad, Jeff, Shauna, Kason, Ty, Jaxson, Jenni, Jim and Lanise, Grandpa and Grandma Weese and Grandpa Peterson.

President Deakin talked with the family and then asked those in the room to say a few words to Dustin if they desired. The spirit was strong as our family sat in that circle and told Dustin of our love for him and bore testimony to him. Then, President Deakin laid his hands on Dustins head and set him apart as a full-time missionary. He then gave him a beautiful blessing of advice, encouragement, and strength for his mission.
Elder Peterson relaxing a bit before he finishes his packing.

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