Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Entering the MTC. See you in 2.. Elder Peterson!

This day came quickly for our family. From when Dustin received his call on May 8th we all thought we would have time to prepare for this day. I'm going to be honest- it was a really a bittersweet day. You can't quite prepare for that final "see you in 2" at the MTC. I'd shed lots of tears leading up to the day he left as I thought about how much I would miss him or about events he would miss. Other times I cried just because I was so proud of him.  It was quite heart-wrenching. Even though it was exactly where we all wanted him to be, we knew it was where he was supposed to be, and we felt extremely proud and happy for him, it was still so hard.

I can't wait for that first letter. I can't wait to hear about the people he will come in contact with and the stories he'll be telling us. I can't wait to see the more Christ like man he will become because he spent 2 years serving our Heavenly Father. I know Dustin will be blessed all throughout his lifetime for the sacrifice he is making. What an example he is to me! I think I've learned more from him than he has from me, and I'm his older sister. I can't wait to watch him learn and grow!

Ready to go!
All 9 of us piled in our Tahoe and headed South to Provo.
We sure do love our Elder Peterson!!
Elder Petersons choice for lunch was PF Changs.
We met up with one of my Mom's high school friends Travis Stewart who works at the MTC. He told my Mom he would keep his eye on Dustin.
We had a few minutes before we had to have Elder Peterson at the MTC so we drove up to the Provo temple for more pictures. We were not the only ones with that same idea. There were Missionaries and their families all over the temple grounds. It was a neat experience.
MTC Arrival 1:30pm
The host Missionary met us as we pulled up. He opened the door where Elder Peterson was sitting and says "Welcome to the MTC! I'm Elder Kesler." Elder Peterson says "Hi I'm Dustin." Elder Kesler looked at him kinda funny and then Elder Peterson said "Oh I mean Elder Peterson" with a smile. 
The host Missionary said "He will be in good hands!!" =)
"See you in two!!"
and he's off! Good Luck Elder Peterson! We will be cheering you on! Love you lots!

This broke my heart. I turned around only to see Kason with tears streaming down his cheeks. He was one sad little boy. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes, but I don't want Uncle Dustin to leave. He sure does love his Uncle Dustin and will miss him tons.
 On the way home we stopped on the overpass to collect the cups from the fun sign that was made for Elder Dustin.
It was a tearful goodbye, but we know that Elder Peterson is off to do great things. FAREWELL!

written by: Shauna

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